The classes will be commencing after 1st counselling of the student and  1st list reaches to the institution.

                                                                              SUBJECT / PAPER

Complete is divided in to four parts.

             1. Written/compulsory theory paper.

             2.  Practical.

             3.  Practice in Teaching.

             4.  Activitise/ Work Experience.    

                                                                            Part-1 Written Examination

A. six compulsory Theory Paper :

             1.   Education in Emerging Indian Society.

             2.  Psychology of Learner and Teaching Learnig Process.

             3.   Development of indian Education.

             4.   School Organization and Health Education.

             5.   Technology of Teaching.

             6.  Methods of Teaching School Subjects.       

B. one Elective paper out of the following paper :

           1.  Guidence and Counseling.

           2.  Measurement and evaluation.

           3.  Special Education.

           4.. Environment Education.

           5. Computer Aided Instruction.                       

                                                                            Part II - Practical

APsychology Practical Tests and Experiments :

       1.case history of Deviant  child.

       2. Intelligence Test- Ravens Progressive Matrices.

       3. personality  Test - H.S.P.Q.

      4. Test of study Habits.

      5. Memorization by paired Associate Method.

      6. Free  Association.

      7. Mental Work and Fatigue.

B.   Practical Work  - Action Research.

C.    Viva - Voca on the whole practical course.

                                                                         Part III - Practice in Teaching

        1. Micro Teaching -- 5 Lessons

        2. Simulated Teaching -- 5 Lessons.

        3. Practice Lesson -- 40 Lessons (20 in each subject).


                                 Part IV – Activities and work Experience

 1. Co-curricular activities

2.Scout & Guide Training (07)






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