he only profession with a transforming affect upon the lives of individual in every society is the profession of teaching. The Department of Teacher Education of Heera Lal Yadav Balika Degree College welcomes the candidates to the training profession of teaching. Successful completion of the programme makes the candidate eligible to apply for the post of secondary teachers. The institute supports your goal of becoming a professional educator which is likely to be the most challenging yet ultimately most rewarding undertaking of your life. The mission of the department is to provide children with the best possible teacher, teacher who respects the child and can support the needs of each child. The pupil- teachers here are provided with tools to promote childs growth and encourage the child enthusiasm and dedication for the progress of the nation. The programme of teacher education (B.Ed.) is of interest to the candidates who have a sound academic background along with a devotion and respect for the profession of teaching. The department is committed to offer to the pupil-teacher an innovative, challenging and evolving approach to teacher education. We look forward to work with you as you embark upon and pursue your professional goal.

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