Manager Profile

Sh. Shyam Kishore Yadav
Date of Birth : 31-03-1955
Qualification : B.A.

Ex. M.L.A. (Sarojini Nagar) Two Times.
From 1992      to    1996
From 1996      to    2002

Founder manager of the College Shyam Kishore Yadav is a great human being always busy for the welfare of the poor & down trodden people of Sarojini Nagar area. Born and brought in Village Gauri Sarojini Nagar Mr. S.K. Yadav is a noble son of Late Shri Heera Lal Yadav. Ex. M.L.C. and treasure of Samajvadi party. Mr. S.K. Yadav graduated from Lucknow University and started his political career. Two times he was elected as M.L.A. from Sarojini Nagar Consituency. He is very much sensitive towards education of poor people of Sarojini Nagar area. Before 1997 there was no girls college withiin 8 kms of Sarojini Nagar. Area Sarojini Nagar. So Mr. S.K. Yadav dreamt of establishing a Girls Inter College and in 2001 a Girls Degree College and B.Ed. course for girls students in 2004. He has always been sensitive towards education of poor people and lower income group of society. A noble politician and great human being Mr. Yadav aways helped to poor just and fought for the justice for them. He has always been a torchbearer of our series of Institutions. Mr. Yadav created a history by establishing a Law Institution for the students of Sarojini Nagar and Alambagh. He also founded an Inter College in Sisendi LKO. Where most of the students are hailing from remote areas.

Mr. Yadav not only developed his Institutions but also helped other Institutions financially during his tenure as M.L.A. from his Vidhayak Nidhi.

His future dreams are to start B.B.A., B.Com., B.P. Ed. and a huge project of starting a Management and Engineering Institute in Sarojini Nagar area, Lucknow.