Our Vision & Mission

 Our Mission
   Heera lal Yadav  Balika P.G College has been established to make a significant contribution to the society by nurturing disciplined , confident, Independent and highly educated young girls.
The mission of the institution is to spread the light of knowledge as far as possible.
Our Vision
To emerge as one of the best institution by promoting literacy .awareness and understanding among girls in order to academic and social execellence.
  • To provide a nurturing and trusting environment to learn and grow
  • To ensure that the youth get adequate opportunities to identify and develop their skills
  • To prepare the individual for employment and advancement in their chosen career
  • To mould individuals into integrated personalities who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, physically strong and socially sensitive
  • To develop a lifelong desire in individuals to learn, create a positive change in the society, contribute to environmental sustainability and economic development of the nation